Private Jet Consulting

Saturn Aviation Jet Consulting

Saturn Aviation has extensive firsthand knowledge of aircraft operations that allows us to advise our clients on an entire range of private aviation issues. As aircraft owners ourselves, we’re able to provide a unique consulting perspective for each client, based on their private aviation needs, including:

  • Advice on jet and aircraft acquisition
  • Operating costs estimates
  • Decreasing cost of ownership
  • Chartering your aircraft
  • Aircraft review and recommendations
  • Management and service needs assessment
  • Pilot & staff recruitment, training, and qualification
  • Operational review, oversight, and cost reductions
  • Logbook research, review, and analysis

Aviation Management

Saturn Aviation is a solution-based aviation management, maintenance and consulting company. Our number one focus is customer service. We work with each client individually, on a case-by-case basis, to address and meet all of their needs. Each client receives personalized service and meticulous care and maintenance for their aircraft. Our aircraft owners/clients attest to our level of performance and their satisfaction with Saturn Aviation.

Aviation Maintenance

Saturn Aviation’s maintenance professionals are well-established and respected in the industry with over 25 years experience maintaining corporate, private, and business aircraft. Our certified maintenance technicians work diligently behind the scenes ensuring compliance with FAA specific mandates and manufacturer’s inspection programs. Our maintenance professionals utilize their extensive knowledge and Saturn’s valuable in-house resources to minimize downtime.

Aviation Consulting

Do you have questions about a particular aircraft, operating an aircraft, or costs associated with owning an aircraft? Saturn Aviation provides information on many different levels regarding owning, operating, and maintaining aircraft. We perform logbook research, technical appraisals, and oversee pre-purchase inspections to ensure our customers receive maximum value for their investment.


Saturn Aviation is currently offering complete worldwide air carrier charter services. We can also advise aircraft owners on the chartering or manage chartering services completely.

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