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Saturn Jet Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is highly regulated, and a well maintained aircraft affects reliability, timeliness, and if you’re an aircraft owner, cost of ownership. At Saturn Aviation, we understand every part of the aircraft under our care.

It’s important to us that all our aircraft are maintained for safety, value retention, and flight-readiness. Unlike most aircraft management companies, we also own our aircraft. Our maintenance staff treats every plane they work on as one of ours.

As part of our maintenance service, we work to coordinate scheduled items and will update you on the status of upcoming repairs. Our dedicated team of experienced technicians works hard to ensure your aircraft is ready when you need it.

Our technicians specialize in a wide range of private jets and aircraft. A licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced technician will service your aircraft every time – guaranteed. We also offer unscheduled repair, maintenance, and upgrades to all our clients.

“Kyle and Allen have collectively over 50 years of professional experience; their team demonstrates superior customer service tailored to my needs in terms of cost and timing.”

Maintenance Customer

Cutting Edge Technicians

Part of what keeps our technicians relevant is continuing education. They keep up with the latest in technology, maintenance protocols, and continuing education to provide you with cutting edge solutions for maintenance or repair.

Strict Maintenance Oversight

Our Director of Maintenance and his team will oversee all aspects of your aircraft’s maintenance to ensure the highest standards of aircraft safety and compliance. We will also conduct the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Perform required maintenance and servicing
  • Track and comply with maintenance due items
  • Comply with manufacturers’ maintenance programs
  • Ensure currency of technical publications

Lower Maintenance Costs

In addition to reduced labor rates through our facility, we have negotiated volume discounts with major maintenance providers. Your aircraft receives the benefit of priority handling and reduced labor rates and parts costs for all required maintenance.

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