Aircraft Management

We offer our clients confidence in knowing that the manager of their multi-million dollar private aircraft investment thoroughly understands the intricacies and complexities inherent in aircraft ownership and operations.

As aircraft owners ourselves, not just managers of client-owned aircraft, Saturn Aviation’s intimate knowledge of all related costs provides an important component of our management capabilities. Our experience extends to the management, operation, and maintenance of all categories of private jet aircraft.

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Tailored Solutions

Maximizing efficiency also means having the creativity and capability to craft customized solutions for owners whenever and wherever they need it. Not all ownership structures share the same vision but all offer a unique set of obstacles.

We pride ourselves on not forcing our owners to “fit our model” but rather lend our expertise to create custom solutions that meet individual objectives. That is the real difference that sets us apart from the rest.

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Fiscal Management

Saturn Aviation has developed a totally transparent, totally visible approach that gives owners executive-level insight into the operation of the aircraft.

We not only handle accounting and administrative needs efficiently, but also provides owners with simple, transparent tools, enabling them to see exactly where their money is going.

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Vendor Discounts

Perhaps the most immediate efficiency Saturn offers is the reduced costs for a host of essential services that result from our company’s economy of scale. Saturn Aviation is able to consolidate buying power for almost any line item—flight training, fuel, hull and liability insurance, and crew
training to name a few.

By that measure, Saturn is able to directly pass-through these savings to our valued ownership group.

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Safe Operations

Safety is Saturn’s first priority – ensuring the safety of you, your passengers, and our employees. Saturn holds an ARG/US Platinum rating.

Saturn’s Safety Officer, Chief Pilot, and Director of Operations are charged with mitigating risk through integration and management of our Safety Management System (SMS), our Emergency Response Program (ERP), our Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT), as well as facilitate quarterly Safety Committee meetings.

trip support

Trip Support

Every detail requires time and careful planning for a smooth travel experience. This is where our 24/7/365 Client Services department comes in.

Client Services is here to handle all of the details – from setting the departure time and selecting the most convenient airport to coordinating additional concierge services such as catering and ground transportation.

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Charter Revenue

Our dedicated charter sales team has their finger solidly on the pulse of the charter market – by maximizing the potential of your aircraft to offset some of the costs of ownership.

Under our management, your aircraft can generate a predictable stream of revenue, without interrupting your own travel schedule.

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